Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Table Review

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For those who love to snooker, can now turn their garages, basements or patios into deluxe billiard room by bringing the Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Tablehome. This 7-feet long billiard table can transform any spare room you have in your home into the favourite hang-out spot for your friends. It comes with all its necessary accessories so you won’t have to shop for extra items. Click here to SAVE $467 on the Fat Cat Reno II Billiard Table for a limited time only!

The Reno II Billiard table has K66 rubber bumpers to give all your shots a really good rebound if you are looking for one. It is a spacious 7 foot fat cat pool table that has 1-inch Accuslate surface and has been upholstered with a high quality burgundy coloured wool cloth. So the colourful billiard balls are really going to shine on this dark and smooth surface.

Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Pool Table Features & Specifications

  • 7 year warranty on the 1 inch Accuslate play surface
  • 6″ solid wood rails with white diamond inlays
  • K66 Rubber bumpers and Brown wool/nylon cloth
  • Beveled legs with wood veneer maple
  • Accessories include: 2 57″ cues, 1 set of billiard balls, 2 pieces of chalk
  • 1-inch Accuslate play surface with burgundy wool cloth
  • 6-inch solid wood rails with white diamond inlays
  • 7-foot billiards table designed for home use
  • Includes 57-inch cues, billiard balls, chalk, triangle, and brush
  • K66 rubber bumpers; beveled wood veneer maple legs

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The Reno II Billiard table has been beautifully designed and immaculately detailed. You will find that the table is supported by bevelled veneer maple legs. The 6” wide solid wooden rails are fancied with diamond inlays. So the table is not only practical because of its size but has also been magnificently decorated so that it will become the envy of any person.

Your billiard table comes with many accessories like 2 cues of 57” each in length, a complete set of billiard balls, a couple of chalks, one setting triangle and brush. It will also come with a 7-year warranty. Your friends will find a reason to drop by very often, so be sure you are up for this kind of challenge.

Fat Cat Reno II Review

As you order in your Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Table, you will find that you are not the only one. You will find a lot of reviews of this special Billiard table over the web. The best thing about buying this billiard table is that it comes with a FREE delivery, yes absolutely free. And if you like its appearance in the pictures, you are really going to love seeing the real thing; because as many people have already vouched that the Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II billiard table looks much more expensive than it really is. Your friends and neighbours are absolutely going to love it.  Click here to read more reviews.

The table has however received a few of negative remarks; but you cannot really call them flaws of the table. Many of the buyers found that their table was somehow damaged when it reached them. So if you go through a similar case, then just return it so you can have a fresh delivery. Some new users also found the table a bit heavy, but that is actually what gives the fat cat billiard table such an expensive look, so if you are a billiard lover then you should definitely go for it.

You might think that the Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Table is a bit expensive; but once you own it, you will find that it will give you a feeling of something much more expensive than that. Besides if you are a devoted pool player then it is definitely worth the cost. And what’s more you are going to save a hefty amount on the free delivery, so don’t wait and order now! Click here to check it out.

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