Harvil 7 Foot Pool Table with Table Tennis Top Review

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If you enjoy playing Pool or table tennis regularly, you’ve got to grab this equipment known as Harvil 7 Foot Pool Table with Table Tennis. It comes with every single instrument you would need to play your table tennis or pool.  It’s actually a strong non-slate billiard table that comes with unique features. Click here to Buy From Amazon at a 34% Discount Now!

The harvil billiard table comes with red felt and black plastic drop pockets. It also has blue 2-piece ping pong top, which include nice black edge trimming. The game table is known to be very strong and durable.

Harvil 7 Foot Pool Table Features & Specifications

  • Pool Table Dimensions: 84in L x 46in W x 31in H / Weight: 250 Lbs.
  • Pool Table Playfield Dimensions: 74.75in L x 36.75in W x 3/4in Thick Wood with Red Felt
  • Blue Two-piece Table Tennis Top with black edge trimming (84in L x 46in W x 1/2in Thick)
  • Silver Laminate Top Rail with 1/2in White Inlay Sights and Chrome-Plated Corner Cap
  • Black Matte Laminated Side and End Panels with Black Plastic End Corner

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It has a conventional design with solid silver laminate top rails. It has a white inlay sights and unique chrome-plated corner caps.  The Harvil 7 slate pool table comes with all the vital accessories that can make you enjoy your game. It’s a nice equipment you can easily set up in your family game room.

The Harvil 7 Foot Pool Table with Table Tennis weighs 250 lbs. It has a playfield dimension of 74.55 x 36.75 inches. It has solid black matte laminated side with strong end panels showing on black.  It’s indeed a nice sports equipment you can use to enjoy your table tennis or pool game right at home.

Harvil Pool Table Review

As at the moment, the Pool Table has only 1 review. This is probably because, the product is still new. Secondly, not everyone likes to play pool or table tennis. However, it’s expected that lovers of such games will locate the equipment online.  The only one review seen in Amazon is very positive in content. It came from a user who actually purchased and used the product. The customer maintained that the harvil billiard table is very easy to set up and also easy to use.  It comes with detailed owner’s manual that you can use to set it up.  The customer also maintained that the price for the equipment is reasonable.  According to him, the equipment appears to be durable and strong. Click here to check it out.

Currently, the equipment has only 5.0 out of 5 stars as displayed on Amazon. This probably came from the only one customer who wrote the review. Currently, there are no negative reviews or comments concerning the Pool table as Amazon. I’m not even sure there may be future negative reviews. We expect more of positive reviews since the equipment is seen as being very sound and durable.

In any case, the Harvil 7 Foot Pool Table with Table Tennis remains very unique game equipment for all lovers of table tennis and pool game. You can always enjoy your game when you have this equipment in your family game room. It’s readily available for purchase online. Why not order one today? Click here to SAVE $311 on the Harvil 7 Foot Pool Table with Table Tennis Top for a limited time only!

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