New Bicycle 1-2 Deck Shuffler (Cards not included)

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Overall Rating (based on real customer reviews): 3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars

Bicycle 1-2 Deck Shuffler (Cards not included)

Features and Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Bicycle
  • Language: German
  • Product Dimensions: 8.6×4.8×3.7 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.9 pounds
  • Machine that shuffles playing cards; can shuffle one or two decks of cards at a time
  • Fully automatic; just touch a button to quickly and efficiently shuffle the cards
  • Can accommodate cards that are either bridge-sized or poker-sized
  • More features

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Shuffler needs improvement”

The shuffler works fine, merging cards in an every-other pattern. However, because the button that operates the shuffler is directly below the tray that holds the shuffled cards, when you try and pull the tray of sorted cards out of the unit, you have to…Read more

“Cheezy little product but it really works”

After reviewing a lot of the shufflers I came to the conclusion they are all alike. Differences are # of decks they hold and stickers on the top.They are made out of cheap plastic but functionally they do what they advertise, they shuffle cards…Read more

“Stopped working after two months”

We thought this would be a good, inexpensive card shuffler since the Bicycle company also makes decks of cards. Wrong! One side of the shuffler was always pretty sluggish, making the shuffling process uneven. After two months of only occasional use, the…Read more

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